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What innovations does 3D printing technology bring to the shoe industry?

In recent years, 3D printing technology has gradually penetrated into the field of shoe making, from Kanban shoe mold to frosted shoe mold, to production mold, and even customized sole of finished shoes, it seems that 3D printing technology can be seen everywhere. Although 3D printing shoes have not yet been popularized in shoe stores, due to the design potential and customization possibility of 3D printing shoes, many shoe-making giants at home and abroad, such as Adidas, Nike and peak, have been making efforts in this emerging technology field in recent years. So, what innovations does 3D printing technology bring to the shoe industry

1. Accelerate design verification and shorten R & D cycle. In the past, in the early stage of shoe product design, traditional tools such as lathe, drill, punch, mold making machine were usually used for shoe mold samples. The manufacturing process was very time-consuming, and the stock preparation time of shoe mold for design verification was increased. In contrast, 3D printing can automatically, quickly, directly and accurately transform the computer shoe pattern design into a model, which not only overcomes the limitations of traditional technology, but also can better restore the design concept to match the product testing and optimize the actual use.

2. It is not limited by structure, and has high efficiency and flexibility. Based on the advantages of digital rapid production, 3D printing technology is not limited by the structure, so that designers can release inspiration without restraint. In addition, the flexibility of 3D printing makes it convenient for designers to modify the design scheme, and can reduce the initial cost due to mold remanufacturing. For example: Aurora Erwo uses FDM 3D printer to make Kanban shoe mold, the finished product has high precision, the upper mesh structure is particularly fine, and the molding speed is fast, and the printing time is less than 2 days.

3. 3D printing shoes are expected to achieve civilian personalized customization. Generally, the price of customized shoes is much higher than that of ordinary shoes due to the cost of process, raw materials and R & D. 3D printing is expected to meet the personalized needs of consumers in the future by reducing mold cost, shortening R & D cycle and improving material utilization rate, so as to minimize the production cost of enterprises.

3D printing is based on the 3D data information modeling of customers' feet, and then using 3D printers to produce insoles, soles, shoes and other finished products that fully meet the customer's foot shape, accelerate the optimization iteration of the product line, and bring practicality to the personalized customization platform of the shoe industry. In the future, with the in-depth integration and development of 3D printing technology and shoe making industry, 3D printing shoes are expected to achieve civilian personalized customization, so that everyone can have consumer grade 3D printing customized shoes.

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