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The 14th China Plastics Fair opened on the 25th, and nearly 10000 professional audiences swarmed in


The exhibition will last until the 28th. Meanwhile, China (International) plastics Taizhou forum will be held. The forum will focus on small, fine, grounded and effective small and medium-sized conferences. It includes the joint meeting of Chinese and foreign plastic industry associations, the Summit Forum on modern management of plastic products enterprises, the application of inorganic mineral fiber in plastics and the R & D and application of thermoplastic carbon fiber composites.

From 2001 to now, China Plastics Fair has rapidly grown into a national famous brand exhibition by virtue of Taizhou's advantages in plastics industry, and has been listed as a guided and supported Exhibition for plastics industry by the Ministry of Commerce for 10 consecutive years. It has set up a bridge of communication to help Taizhou plastics enterprises go abroad, and has successfully attracted many international businesses to enter China's plastics market.

China Plastics Fair is the first and only "four in one" industry exhibition in China's plastic industry. Exhibits are in line with the development of the industry, reflect the market demand, reflect the market innovation and the development of the times, and are of great significance to improve the popularity of enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading.

This year's exhibition is more international than ever. The overseas publicity of the fair has been strengthened, attracting 11 countries from Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas to participate. At the same time, the joint meeting of Chinese and foreign plastic industry associations was held to discuss the new needs of the plastic industry with the theme of "global cooperation to promote plastics interconnection".

The exhibition also added many experience links, such as 3D printing technology experience, showing the interaction between 3D printing technology and 3D portrait technology in mold, auto parts, daily necessities, electric bicycles, medical devices, household appliances and other industries, so as to let visitors experience and perceive the change and influence of plastic technology on human travel, work and life.

Recycled plastics zone is also a highlight of the exhibition. According to relevant data, Taizhou consumes 1-2 million tons of waste plastics every year, accounting for 10% of the country's total. Recycled plastics zone not only provides enterprises with a way to turn waste into treasure, but also becomes another "gold pool" of plastic industry.

Plastic · line exhibition: "plastic" creates a new world of "walking". The exhibition shows how plastics and composite materials can change the appearance of vehicles, especially in terms of quality, weight, strength and corrosion resistance in the form of physical objects and pictures combined with words. Plastic has changed our travel, our work, study and life, even the development of society and the progress of technology.

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